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We put use comedy to push back against  authoritarianism, Marxism, Woke-ism and the destruction of Western society. 

Sen Soc Steve is the show's creator, a quick-witted right-leaning political-centrist, and Master of Ceremonies.

Roma "Romerica" Rifkin is the opinionated, occult-obsessed Show Producer, and Co-Host.

Look out for your favorite interspersed cast of characters such as SuperFanDan, Improv John, Standup Steve H., Spicy Licks Christian, and more!

Thanks to our family, friends, and fans.  Shout out to Kat, Margo, Sarah, Steve S. and Tami!

"The Friday night shows are so much fun. It's great to unwind listening to people with similarly dark humor. Highly recommend."

-- LisaTexla

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"If you like humor, quality satire & hilarity then you're in the right place.  If you're a joyless human that likes murdering puppies and eating plain oatmeal, go listen to Ron Burgundy."

-- BettiePage23

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"Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always looking forward to new episodes."

--Tabby from

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